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Unicorn Auto - Australia’s Second Chance Car Finance Broker and Used Car Dealership of Choice

Unicorn Auto is one of Australia’s largest and leading private used car dealership and finance brokers. Built with a modern-day vision, we offer a completely online service so you can conveniently apply for finance, choose a vehicle and settle all online, in your preferred time. Our amazing team of over 30 skilled specialists, provide our customers with kind and professional customer service without judgment. Based in Brisbane, we proudly offer quality used cars, vehicle transport, insurance, warranty and flexible financing solutions to customers across Australia. We help with car loans to customers in all scenarios including bad credit, second chance, single parents, full-time and casual workers, ABN holders, pensioners, and carers. With access to over 30 lenders, we will work with and coach you to try to get you into the car you deserve sooner than later.

Bad Credit Car Loans

Struggling to get finance?? Or have bad credit history, current debts or Part 9? We will work with our lends to get you into a new car. We work with over 30 lenders, so if anyone can get you finance approval, we can! We will also find you the best deal available for you, starting from only 6%. We want to give you the second chance you deserve!

We Find You the Best Car Finance Solution

Yes, we do the leg work for you! We know you don’t have time to apply with several lenders, so all you need to do is simply apply with us and our team of brokers will find the best deal for your situation. With over 20 years of brokering experience and access to over 30 lenders, our team are confident they will be able to help you. If we can’t get you approval right away, we go one step further and provide you weekly or monthly coaching until you are eligible.

Pension and Centrelink Car Loans

Receiving a benefit?? Think you won’t get finance? If you are on a Centrelink pension payment or benefit payment, we can help! With over 70% of our customers receiving pension payments, our team really are pension finance specialists! We will work with our lenders to try to get you into your new car as soon as possible.

Online Enquiry Support

Our company believes in offering our customers information and enquiry support around the clock, because we know not every is able to contact us during the traditional 9-5. Our customers have the option to chat with us via our online website and Facebook messenger where our team respond as soon as they are available. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to help and make your finance application as stress-free as possible! So chat with us, or send us a website enquiry when it suits you!

Our Vision for the future, is to change the Industry Image that has been tarnished by a few unscrupulous operators. We aim to create a more female friendly environment with an open, and consultative approach rather than the Scare Tactics and Revenue Raising that has been common. We are putting a little touch of honesty in, to bring the Industry Standards up.

How Unicorn Auto car finance works

  1. Apply online to get your car loan pre-approved*
  2. Choose one of our used cars to purchase
  3. Select your warranty and insurance
  4. Once settled, collect your car or have it transported
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Our Vehicles

At Unicorn Auto we have a great range of used cars that is constantly changing! If we don’t have what you want now, the chances are we will have one in soon! PLUS, once approved for finance, we can source you the vehicle you want if you need something specific. We will help you every step of the way!

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Mission – To Provide Used Cars at a Price Conscious Rate, Supporting our Customers Automotive needs with a friendly approach and honest service.








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