“Firstly I would like to thank the entire team. This has been a very different car buying and financing experience from any other that I have had and it has been a pleasure working with you. The entire process was quick and easy because you respond very quickly to enquiries, are clear with the info you provide, your not pushy, and I will highly recommend your services to anyone. Thank you very much.”

Elaina Byrne, 24th April 2020

“I really loved how simple the process was and the information provided was great. I loved how I could get a car on finance from home especially during a lockdown. The process was faster than expected.”

Christie Daffy , 22nd April 2020

“I was extremely happy with the quickness of how things went with approval. I was also very pleased with all the communication I received from the staff and all the help finding a car and organising delivery. The staff I did speak with had great customer service.”

Jacinda Brown, 11th March 2020

“From my first enquiry to picking up my keys today, my experience with Unicorn Auto has been absolutely great, with nothing to fault, leaving me to be one very happy and satisfied customer. Both the company & the staff at Unicorn Auto are amazing, a comforting fact being most of the staff I dealt with were female themselves. Grateful to have come across Unicorn Auto & to be able to successfully work with them in obtaining my own car.”

Kelsie Holland, 2nd March 2020

“I applied for finance with you guys and within 3 days got approved and then from being approved to owning a new car within 1 day! The timing and service unicorn auto provides is incredible, everyone I spoke to on the phone was extremely helpful, and answered all of my questions, my car was checked over very thoroughly and I am so happy with the end result! I would definitely use unicorn auto again and recommend them to all my friends and family! 10/10!”

Ava Green, 19th February 2020

“I want to say thank you to the whole team at Unicorn Auto. I took possession of my Holden Colorado last night.  You have made the process so easy. Right from Application.  In Particular I would like to thank Amy and Josh for all your help through the process. I also want to say a special thank you to Cody and his team in the Workshop.  Thank you guys for all the work that you have done on the Colorado. I will definitely be recommending Unicorn Auto to anyone I know that is needing a Vehicle. Thank you so much. All of you are Amazing.”

Dave Johnson, 15th February 2020

“You have great customer service and are a great company within giving single parents a go and helping people in need of transport! Thank you so very much.”

Lorae Klohs, 22nd January 2020

“My experience with Unicorn Auto has been great. They took control and organised everything for me, from finance, to finding me a car, to insurance! They got me finance and a car, and bought it all via text and phone, which was great!! I got to pick my car and am extremely happy with everything!!

They kept me up to date with what was happening as well. I was at a low point, my old car was ready to go and with Children, one whom has a disability I couldn’t be without a car. Thanks to Unicorn Auto I now have a fantastic car, and they took care of everything for me.

Thank you for everything Unicorn Auto.”

Barbara Hayton, 20th January 2020

“It’s good to have my first family car! I have three kids and they can’t wait to get their first new car. Thanks again for your help Unicorn Auto!”

Tarissa Green, 14th January 2020

“I cannot thank you guys enough, you took your time and waited for me to get my stuff together. Not only that but you guys have made mine and my kid’s lives a lot easier happier and easier with the purchase of our new wheels. Excellent timing effort and team work, to get what we did done!

Thank you again! Highly recommend you too anyone, to this day I’m telling everyone too head over to your guys website.”

Maddison Uerata, 13th January 2020

Being an interstate buyer, I found the team and Josh to be helpful and eager to help and answer any questions I had regardless of how silly the questions were and Josh was great in sending me as many photos as possible of my car. I would recommend them to my friends and family with purchases of car. I thank all the team for all your help and support with helping me find my car.

Lyn Colley, 15th December 2019

“I never thought I’d be able to afford a loan to get a decent car and you team made the process so easy and went above and beyond what was expected when I came to pick it up including helping to occupy my children while everything got sorted.”

Kelly Nicol, 29th October 2019

“Amazing service, beautiful car. Staff go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met. Great on price and customer service.”

Amanda Townsend, 28th October 2019

“The car is in pretty great condition and just looks amazing, it runs smooth and the interior is everything I liked as well. I genuinely don’t regret my discussion with going through unicorn auto, use really helped me into the car I wanted.”

Ebonnie Sinning, 18th September 2019

“Thank you for helping me choose my car, I’ve always wanted a VE Commodore and never would’ve been able to afford it if I didn’t go through with this. Everything was done quickly and in a week my car was sent out. The staff were all so lovely even though I was asking so many questions. I would recommend you to anyone needing help getting their dream car!”

Tyra Hudson, 10th September 2019

“Loved how quick the process was. Was very happy to pick up my new car yesterday. Staff have been amazing and prompt with paperwork.”

Emily Cooper, 31st August 2019

“Amazing! Was nice and easy to applying and loving the car it’s so good and easy to drive. Really happy with the process and end result.”

Sarah Brown, 30th August 2019

“I am very impressed with Unicorn Autos high level of customer service. From the moment I made contact I was provided with clear and concise information. I have dealt with a lot of car dealerships and highly recommend Unicorn Auto. I look forward to being a returning customer in the future. Thank you to the wonderful Heather and Amy for your proficient delivery of service.“

Danielle Donovan, 28th August 2019

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