Supporting Documents


Thank you for submitting your application form. For your application to be complete we need you to send your supporting documents as soon as possible. Keep in mind, we can not start to process your application until we have ALL supporting documents.


Carefully read the five below scenarios and click the scenario that matches you best. Here you can follow the instructions and return the required documents to complete your application form.

Please note, you DO NOT need to fill in this form more than once.

  1. I receive Centrelink only
  2. I work as an Employee & I receive Centrelink
  3. I work as an Employee only
  4. I work on an ABN & I receive Centrelink
  5. I work on an ABN only

(If you lose this page or need two different options for a joint application, click the Finance tab in the menu > Supporting docs to find it again)

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